A WOMAN posing in a very daring bikini has gone viral on image sharing site Imgur.

You won’t BELIEVE what this woman’s very daring bikini is made of

The blonde woman smiles and poses with a bikini made of bees on her chest.

Wearing nothing other than a pair of blue jeans and belt, the woman relies on the live bees to cover her modesty.

The insects seem happy swarming around the topless woman’s bosom and arms.

The eye-popping image has had almost 11,000 views so far, with Imgur users showing their admiration with a variety of puns.

One user wrote: “She looks like a Bee cup to me.”

Another wrote beneath the image: “She’s a keeper!”

“Really, no one has said Beekini yet?” another said.

However, the woman in the image is not the only one to have wowed the internet by being in close proximity to the stinging insects.

Sara Mapelli, from Oregon, appeared in photographs with 12,000 crawling on her naked body.

She encouraged the bees to crawl on her using a pheromone. She then claimed she would dance with the bees.

Sara is stung by the bees and says that the pastime is very painful.

Women in more unusual swimwear also went viral t

Naked models have hit the beach in only body paint for some surfing in this saucy video.

Three stunning models frolicked in the sand and the surf completely naked – but they disguised their nudity.

The beach babes smile as the camera catches them playing in the waves.

However, there is something odd about the models’ already rather skimpy swimming attire.

A sexy bikini car wash turned into a disaster when this happened recently.

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