Mental health summit to be hosted in London

World to help battle against mental illness

Mental health summit to be hosted in LondonGETTY STOCK

Mental health summit will be hosted in London this autumn

A new international alliance will also campaign for the issue to be recognised in the same way as physical illness.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that mental ill health was “fast becoming one of the defining global health challenges of the 21st century”.

But Mr Hunt warned that until recently it had not had the profile it deserved.

He said: “Together we will bring about a new level of co-operation between nations, improve people’s access to evidence-based services, and bear down on stigma and other factors that are exacerbating this crisis.”

The first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit will be hosted by the Government and takes place in London in October with more than 30 countries due to take part.

The UK, Canada and Australia have also launched the Global Alliance of Champions on Mental Health to decrease stigma and boost co-operation across the globe. Australian health minister Greg Hunt said: “We can learn from each other – we must support each other.”

The Government recently announced a £1million grant to help change attitudes to mental health in other Commonwealth countries.

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