DAVID Cameron put the general election behind him as he jetted into Las Vegas to continue his lucrative speaking career.

What general election? David Cameron jets to LAS VEGAS to continue his speaking career

As Express.co.uk reported last month, the former Conservative Prime Minister could expect to cash in by up to £6,000 for a half-hour chat at a conference of hedge-fund managers in the glittering gamblers’ paradise.

He was among the attractions at an exclusive conference staged “for thought leaders” by American investment firm SkyBridge capital – as his successor Theresa May unveiled her election manifesto in Yorkshire and ditched some of his key pledges from 2015.

Previous speakers at the SALT conference have included one-time US presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush, and Britain’s Labour former PM Tony Blair.

Mr Cameron quit Downing Street last July after losing the EU referendum and then left the Commons last autumn.

A week ago the former PM was spotted canvassing in Nantwich for the Conservatives.

But the Remain campaigner swiftly provoked controversy for Mrs May by urging voters to give her a big enough majority to fight off calls for what he called “extreme Brexit”.

The former PM is working on his memoirs but like former Chancellor George Osborne has also been raking in a tidy sum on the international lecture circuit.

Earlier this year he was paid £100,000 for a talk to Morgan Stanley Investment Management – 70 per cent of the £143,462 he earned in a whole year as Prime Minister.

He also recently made headlines posing with a £25,000 “shepherd’s hut on wheels” luxury shed which he has installed in his Cotswolds garden.

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