A VIRAL video shows the terrifying moment swimmers come close to three sharks circling the shallow shore.

WATCH: Terrifying moment three SHARKS circle close to swimmers

A viral video shows sharks swimming dangerously close to the shoreline in North Carolina.

Filmed on Myrtle Beach, it shows three of the huge creatures circling just metres from the beach.

Whilst no-one is in the water near them, just a bit further up shore shows how busy the crowds are in the water, posing a definite danger.

Luckily no-one appears to be approaching them in the water as the man films from the pier.

The popular video has already been shared over 70,000 times and has over 14,000 comments

It’s nothing new that sharks are in the ocean, but the shallow depth in which they were seen is a scary one.

Taken at Garden City Pier, just five miles south of Myrtle Beach, it is known for having sharks in the water.

The popular video has already been shared over 70,000 times and has over 14,000 comments.

No matter how common, it’s still a terrifying sight to see the animals so close to humans.

Posted to the Myrtle Beach Getaway Facebook page, it has already attracted comments stating why it happens so regularly.

One user explained, “Of course there are sharks next to a fishing pier…it is a constant chum slick of freshly chopped fish and shrimp.”

However, some weren’t so calm, with one Facebook user exclaiming “a little too close for comfort.”

Someone else definitely agreed, stating “I feel like I may not be going in the water in June”

A recent video showed sharks in an even more terrifying situation.

A police helicopter issued a warning after 15 great white sharks were filmed surrounding a paddle boarder.

However, one man doesn’t let sharks ruin his trip at sea.

A British fisherman has told of how he caught a shark weighing a whopping 100 stone.

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