THIS is the chilling moment a screaming woman "possessed" by the previous home owner is pinned down while witch doctors perform an EXORCISM.

WATCH: EXORCISM of woman ‘possessed’ by spirits of former owners of her home

The mother-of-two started acting bizarrely and friends called in local ghost hunters last month at her one-storey house in Phetchburi, Thailand.

Seven men pinned her down while one uses a sledgehammer to smash a “spirit house” – small structures kept in every Thai’s front yard for the ghosts of previous residents to live in.

Superstitious Buddhist believe the ornaments appease the spirits who don’t feel put out by the new residents.

But on this occasion, ghost doctors believe the spirits turned on the woman because they wanted their house back.

The woman was having serious problems with spirit activity from the ghosts of people who lived before at her home

Mor Plah – Ghost hunter

They possessed her soul and tried to drive her to insanity while scaring her by making bumps and noises at the property, according to ghost doctors.

As men hold her down the woman screams: “What did I do wrong to you? Why did you have to do this to me?

“I have lived here for a long time. Why did you come like this to me? Where else can I live? Where?”

Spiritual healers arrived and performed several rituals involving string, flowers and reciting prayers ordering the evil spirits to leave – after which the woman calmed down.

Ghost hunter Mor Plah, who helped to perform the exorcism in the the chilling footage, said: “The woman was having serious problems with spirit activity from the ghosts of people who lived before at her home.

“They were making her crazy and were causing problems in the home. They wanted to drive her out.

“We smashed the spirit house and made them leave. We destroyed them and she is comfortable again now.”

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