THIS is the brilliant moment a committed Remain voter declared his SUPPORT for Theresa May by backing her to take on the EU AND Nicola Sturgeon.

WATCH: Brilliant moment REMAIN VOTER backs PM to WIN and ‘sort out’ the EU and SNP

The passionate pensioner claimed Mrs May’s decision to call a snap general election was the right move.

Speaking on Sky News from Nuneaton, a long-term Labour stronghold, the jovial man told presenter Kay Burley: “She’s quite right to put it to the country.

“She’s always been accused of being unelected so that should scotch all that argument now, so we can have a bit of a scrap.”

She’s quite right to put it to the country bearing in mind all the Brexit pressures

Ex Remainer

Asked by Burley if people had had enough of voting, he replied: “It seems the order of the day quite honestly. Hopefully we can better the Scottish problem as well at the same time.

“I was anti- but I’m one of those who says ‘well let’s get on with it’.”

Stating he was over the Brexit result, he added he was a “true blue” and would be voting for the Tories in the general election.

Minutes after the Prime Minister announced her bid for a June 8 election, it emerged .

It is understood that Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative Leader, personally helped persuade Mrs May that she could cause real damage to north of the border by calling a snap poll and making it a “referendum on another referendum”.

If the SNP loses seats in Westminster it would seriously undermine Miss Sturgeon’s claim to have a mandate to run Scotland, where her party has no overall majority.

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