TESCO customers might be shocked to receive a £60 fine after drivers have been forced to cross a bus lane to enter the store’s carpark.

WARNING – you could be fined £60 for driving to this Tesco

The Tesco has recently changed the entrance to its carpark, and since then the council has been doling out fines to unsuspecting shoppers.

The branch, in Holderness Road, Hull, changed the entrance two weeks ago.

Now drivers are being caught by cameras driving through the bus lane, an illegal parking move that will land you with a fine.

The drivers using the carpark after 9:30 am are free from the fine, as the bus lane is only in operation from 7am until 9.30am from Monday to Saturday.

Two drivers so far are confirmed to have been hit with the fine.

Gemma Norris, 32, told the Hull Daily Mail that she has received a fine.

“If I lose my appeal it’s not going to be worth the packet of biscuits and the Aero I went in for,” she said.

“I know it’s operational at that time but you can’t access the entrance without moving into the bus lane.

“I’m not paying the fine regardless. The entrance has been like that for two weeks, so it’s long enough to sort this kind of thing out.”

A no entry sign is now up outside the entrance to the carpark.

A spokesperson for Hull City Council told the Daily Mail: “We are aware of the issues in the area and have taken steps to ensure that discretion is applied based on the merits of each individual case.

“Motorists can appeal a fine online at www.hullcc.gov.uk. Customer Service Centres can also assist residents in raising an appeal.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are sorry that a few customers have experienced problems accessing our store and are actively working with the Council to encourage them to find a timely resolution to the issue.”

Tesco recently recalled Chinese ready meals after they were packed with curry instead, sparking allergy fears.

Tesco’s Oriental Kitchen Chicken Chow Mein with a March 19 use by date should be returned, the groceries giant has urged.

A Tesco spokesman told the Bath Chronicle: “We have been made aware by our supplier that due to a manufacturing error Tesco Chicken Curry has been packed in Tesco Oriental Kitchen Chicken Chow Mein packaging.”

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