VIA Rail apologizes to passengers as train delay reaches 45 hours

VIA Rail is apologizing to its passengers, who are currently on a cross-country trip 45 hours behind schedule, saying the delays are "beyond our control."

"We understand the impact this major delay has on our customers and we apologize for the inconvenience they cause," said spokesperson Mylène Bélanger, in an emailed statement.

At the time the statement was issued, the train was located near the town of Valemount, B.C., west of Jasper National Park.

Bélanger explained that the train destined for Vancouver left Toronto 26 hours behind schedule due to "freight congestion" and has accumulated delays since.

Out-of-town passengers in Toronto were provided hotel rooms, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner prior to their new departure time.

But the company will not be offering any further compensation to passengers.

"These delays are beyond our control," Bélanger wrote.

VIA Rail said it is collaborating with its railway partner Canadian National to find solutions to the delays.

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