JEREMY CORBYN needs to “man up” and condemn Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s mass culling of his own citizens, a Venezuelan expat has claimed.

Venezuelan expat urges Corbyn to ‘MAN UP’ and condemn Maduro’s strife-torn nation

Erika Urvina challenged the Labour leader to say he doesn’t “support what is happening right now” after Maduro allowed protesters to be shot in the street, deprived the country of food and medical resources and called on opposition leaders to be arrested in the night to make way for his dictatorship.

Ms Urvina, who owns a delicatessen in southwest London, told the Times: “Everybody makes mistakes. But man up. Stand up and say, ‘Come on, this is not right.’ Say you don’t support what is happening now. Because if you stay silent, you’re part of the problem. Be an example for the rest of the world. Help us. We’re reaching boiling point.”

If you stay silent, you’re part of the problem

Erika Urvina

Mr Corbyn so far remains silent when confronted about Maduro’s socialist experiment, though he has already condemned Arsenal Football club owner Stan Kroenke for launching an outdoor sports television platform in the UK which includes bloodsports and hunting shows while on holiday in Croatia.

Ms Urvina added: “I invite Jeremy Corbyn and his friends to come to Venezuela, not to party with people like Chávez [the late president] and ride around in bullet-proof cars. But to stay with an ordinary family like mine, on a Venezuelan salary. Wake up at 4am to look for food to feed your family.”

Maduro created a new assembly of sympathetic politicians with the power to rewrite the constitution and overrule government departments which no longer back his socialist agenda last week.

Last night the new body carried out its first order of business by sacking attorney general Luisa Ortega.

Ms Urvina revealed the powerful extent of Maduro’s strife-torn nation after she filled a box with food and medicine and sent it to her family in Venezuela only for the contents to be stolen and replaced with rotting rubbish by thieves.

She said: “They opened a box full of worms.”

Her sister, Elisa, 36, who needs surgery for breast cancer, must first scavenge for surgeons’ materials herself in different hospitals as most have run out. Even then there’s no guarantee she’ll get treatment.

And when their father needed a blood transfusion, Elisa had to run the gauntlet of checkpoints at night to fetch supplies from the next hospital.

Ms Urvina said: “Surely you don’t have to be a capitalist or nasty neo-liberal to condemn that?”

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