HAVE aliens suddenly taken a renewed interest in the renowned paranormal hotspot of the West Country?

UK ALIEN INVASION? Upsurge in UFO sightings ROCKS west country

Regional media have reported an upsurge in sightings and odd events in the part of the country known for its mysterious happenings, legends and crop circles – of course allegedly caused by alien visitors.

Somerset Live reports that there have been two UFO sightings just weeks after claims an alien being was seen in country town Yeovil, in Somerset.

The website said: “In December we had an alien spotted wearing a Stetson Hat near Yeovil College.

“Now two more possible unexplained sightings have been reported online. Sadly no alien drawings this time though.”

A witness reported to the UFO Stalker website seeing a UFO in the sky above Lysander Road and the A3088 in Yeovil on March 4.

In a report to UFO Stalker, the unnamed witness said: “I didn’t see anything at the time, we took a photo of the scenery near Lysander Road.

“The sun was pretty bright so we couldn’t see anything at the time.

“We noticed it later on in the photo when we got home. I think the direction of the object was west.”

Another witness reported a strange sighting on February 21 at around 6.30am above Yeovil.

The person provided video footage caught by a static camera in his garden used to film wildlife to UFO Stalker.

The witness said in their report: “The video footage shows a row of what appears to be eight lights travelling in an east to south easterly direction.

“I was not actually present at the time of the event.”

Strange events have also been reported in Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershirelive.co.uk reported video of a strange light being filmed above Gloucester yesterday at around 5am.

The video footage shows a row of what appears to be eight lights travelling in an east to south easterly direction.

Witness in Yeovil

The website reported: “It is the second video showing strange lights in the sky above the city.”

A day earlier it reported on a video filmed by Rob Wheatman above Elmbridge, who zoomed in on the strange light.

He said: “I saw it as a sparkling ‘star’ from the garden in Elmbridge, due south.

“What alerted me was an orange light that came from it and travelled at speed north east.

“I grabbed my video and luckily it has a 40x zoom and that’s when I got the images of the bizarre light you saw.”

Often people mistake planets in the early morning sky for UFOs, and when filmed at close zoom, they can cause some bizarre visual effects that look like shape-shifting to be recorded.

Scott Brando, who runs website ufoofinterest.org said that the photograph taken into the sun in Yeovil was just a lens flare.

This happens when light refracts inside the camera lens, creating strange orbs or circles on the picture, which were not actually there.

It is common when aiming a camera at the sun.

He says he has yet to find a UFO picture or video that cannot be explained.

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