Sleepless In Seattle

Tom Hanks reveals a shocking secret about the making of Sleepless In Seattle

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Sleepless In Seattle was an iconic rom-com

The actor, 61, appeared alongside Meg Ryan in the 1993 movie, directed and penned by Nora Ephron.

In a new book about the latter movie-making legend, he makes an unexpected confession: that he was something of a diva on set.

“I was an extremely cranky actor at that time,” he said in new book I’ll Have What She’s Having, as revealed in NY Daily News.

The Oscar winner said he was “coming in and saying, ‘Why does the kid have so many good lines?’” about his young co-star Nathan Watt, who was later replaced by Ross Malinger.

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Hanks admitted he was “cranky”

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Nora Ephron oversaw the hit movie

Hanks added: “I had made enough movies to get smoked on a couple of occasions as well as thinking that I was a big shot and ‘My voice must be heard’.”

Producer Gary Foster recalled: “Tom is being driven crazy and this boy keeps repeating dialogue off-camera when Tom’s trying to film a scene and he’s not adding to the film right now.”

Malinger was claimed in 2008 to have been working as a manager at Automotive Legends in Malibu, following roles in Without A Trace, Homeward Bound II nd Touched By An Angel.

Sleepless In Seattle was a huge box office smash: it grossed $227.8 million on a mere $21 million budget, and scooped two Oscar nominations.

Hanks and Ryan went on to team up with Ephron again in You’ve Got Mail, which followed five years later in 1998.

The film-maker died in 2012 at the age of 71.

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