MCDONALD’S can now be ordered and delivered “curbside” via your smartphone in a high-tech update that fans of the chain are sure to love.

THIS long-awaited McDonald’s update is finally here

You can pick the meal of your choice, whether it’s a Big Mac or a Chicken Legend, and pay via the app.

Then you can choose how you want to receive your food.

You can opt to drop into the store and pick it up from the counter, or you can request to pick it up from the drive through.

You can even choose a “curbside” delivery, which means a McDonald’s staff member brings your food out to the car park for you.

However, sadly for Brits, the smartphone orders are only available to McDonald’s customers in the US – and only in 29 restaurants in Salinas and Monterey.

Fingers crossed, however, because if it works the company has said it will offer the service more widely.

This includes bringing mobile orders to the UK before the end of the year.

However, McDonald’s have angered customers recently after they notice this about the classic fries.

Those choosing the popular side to eat with their “large” meal option are not happy with what they have been served.

Hundreds of Maccy D fans have shared pictures of their large box of fries – with the portion being anything but large.

Many have complained it is an often occurring problem, while others have slammed the fast food giant for “not giving customers what they’re paying for”.

One wrote: “So I ask for a large fries from McDonalds and this is what I get… large box half empty. Happens every time.”

A sexual meaning behind the McDonald’s logo was revealed recently.

The famous golden arches of the McDonald’s logo form an M, the initial of the company name.

But what many don’t know is that there is a saucy hidden meaning behind the internationally recognisable sign.

The designer, psychologist Louis Cheskin, was hired by the brand in 1968.

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