COFFEE on flights often tastes a bit off. It’s usually not your finest espresso, but now the reason behind this strange phenomena has been revealed.

THIS is why coffee on flights always tastes weird

There are three things that impact the taste of your coffee on a slight.

Two of them are to do with the way the coffee is made.

The water is moved about in tanks, meaning the it sits in containers for a long time.

Obviously this long stint in a musty container is not going to make for very fresh water.

Water that isn’t fresh isn’t going to taste great – it’s that simple.

Travel + Leisure also revealed that the altitude will effect the taste of your coffee.

Since you are flying at 35,000ft the water boils at a lower temperate meaning the coffee is not properly extracted.

Lastly, you also change when you are in the air – which affects your taste buds.

This is because of the press and the air, which alters the way you taste the hot drink.

The one thing you don’t want to lose while you’re on holiday is your passport.

Here’s what to do if you lose your travel document or it gets stolen from you while on holiday.

Will your passport be valid in Europe after Brexit?

Brexit negotiations have begun and with them, myriad questions have sprung up surrounding travel to the EU once Britain has officially left it.

Considering the current passport expiry rules around the world, your passport may be rendered invalid once the formal process of Brexit is complete.

Guidelines for travel within the Schengen Area state that your travel document must be valid for the duration of your stay, but doesn’t need to have any extra validity.

According to the European Commission, even if your British passport is only valid until the day after you return home, you should still be able to travel.

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