PAUL Nuttall was left red-faced at the ITV’s leader debate after Nicola Sturgeon claimed the Ukip leader was nothing more than Theresa May’s “spokesperson”.

‘Theresa May’s spokesperson’ Paul Nuttall HUMILIATED by Nicola Sturgeon in live TV debate

The Ukip leader insisted last week that his party will not challenge key Tory candidates in the General Election campaign, and was humiliated as he struggled to slap down Mrs May’s Brexit in order to promote his own party’s policies.

In his opening statement, Mr Nuttall said only Ukip are “truly committed to the Brexit that people voted for” in last year’s referendum.

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    He added: “Brexit would never have happened if it wasn’t for Ukip!”

    Keen to attack the Conservative Government, Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Liberal Democrat chief Tim Farron, Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood and Green co-leader Caroline Lucas all accused Mrs May of “running scared”.

    Taking a swipe at both Mrs May and Mr Nuttall, Ms Sturgeon said: “Theresa May may not have the guts to be here tonight, but her spokesperson Paul Nuttall has the bottle to stand in her place.”

    Mr Nuttall appeared to struggle throughout the debate in Salford as he mistakenly referred to the Plaid Cymru leader as Natalie.

    The Welsh nationalist corrected Mr Nuttall twice as he appeared to confuse her with ex-Green Party chief Natalie Bennett.

    During a discussion on the impact of Brexit on the economy, the MEP said: “Natalie, we have a huge trading deficit…”

    Mr Nuttall made the same gaffe moments later, saying: “I think that Natalie’s absolutely right, what we need to do is…”

    She responded: “Will you please call me Leanne?”

    Ms Lucas, Natalie Bennett’s successor as Green leader, added: “She’s not Natalie.”

    Mr Nuttall made the gaffes as he argued that Britain should adopt an Australian-style points system for migrants when the UK finally leaves the clutches of the Brussels bloc.

    The Ukip leader said there is an “over supply” of labour in the UK and which had impacted on the cost of living.

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