THE STAR WARS spin-off Han Solo movie is filming in the UK at Fawley Power Station, near Southampton. Could this be Corellia?

Star Wars FIRST LOOK at Han Solo UK sets near SOUTHAMPTON at Fawley Power Station

Local newspaper, The Southern Daily Echo, confirmed that Disney is filming “a port scene” in the area.

It said: “Scenes for the new blockbuster Star Wars film are currently being shot in Hampshire.

“Production crews and actors working on the Star Wars spin off, which has the working title Red Cup, have been filming at Fawley Power Station.”

Although Star Wars filmmakers have often shot scenes at Pinewood Studios, this is a rare use of a UK location.

Fawley Power Station has a unique look that has previously been featured in the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible franchise.

Commissioned in 1971, the tall towers and iconic round and domed buildings of the disused station have a striking style perfect for a Star Wars planet.

The main tower is an impressive 198 metres tall and the site sits on the banks of Southamption Water.

The Echo added: “A port sequence will be filmed this week.”

The news comes days after incredible and what seems to be a pod speeder, as well as Stormtroopers.

Pictures and video content have also emerged of the

Early images there show a completely different type of landscape that implies a desert planet with low sandstone buildings which many have speculated may be Tatooine.

Could this new UK location be standing in for Han Solo’s home planet of Corellia?

The planet was well-known as a haven for smugglers but also had a major spaceship-building industry and powerful Navy.

Wookieepedia says that the planet was: “designated as an industrial world.”


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