Star Wars 8 fan problems

Star Wars 8 fan BACKLASH reveals 17 HUGE problems with The Last Jedi – Do you agree?

Star Wars 8 fan problemsDISNEY

Star Wars 8 fan problems

Does Episode 8 make you want to scream like Hux?

His character is just one of the many problems some fans have with the latest Star Was blockbuster.

Angry fans have flooded social media with comments like: “Seen the film today, sad to say a disappointment is an understatement” or “There isn’t a single character who isn’t left ruined by this movie” and “You’ve destroyed whole Star Wars saga.”

Even worse, there is a growing feeling that the filmmakers deceived fans by encouraging certain hopes and fixing attention on major plot points that turned out to be almost irrelevant.

Have we all been trolled?


1. Who is Rey?

Daisy Ridley said she thought it was obvious and everyone just decided the orphan from Jakku was a Skywalker, Palpatine, Kenobi or Force birth.

The big reveal was repeatedly teased throughout The Last Jedi, including a groan-worthy mirror moment. When it came, it actually was one of the biggest shocks in Star Wars history – but only because it was so underwhelming. She’s nobody, the space equivalent of a welfare kid left on a doorstep.

Johnson and Disney can protest that they warned fans, but then why purposefully drag out the reveal through the while movie?

2. What is Snoke and where did he come from?

Again Johnson sniffily told fans that his movie is not a Wikipedia page and will only real what is necessary to the scene.

This is fair enough, but the build-up again has been purposefully suspenseful, leading everyone to believe that there is something huge and terrible that will be revealed.

Leaving it a mystery is all well and good when it was assumed Snoke would also figure heavily in Episode 9 and now we know how that turned out…

11. The humour – Part 1.

The curse of Marvel strikes again, Just as Justice League disastrously tried to lighten up the tone with quips and pratfall, so Star Wars followed suit. Yes, Star Wars has always had humour, but it was integral to the characters and incidental. This time it was clanged into every corner. From Luke milking an alien to BB8 riding an AT-AT, silly Ahch-To nuns to Rey blushing at a shirtless Kylo Ren.

Some moments did work, like the delicious ironing gag and Chewbacca roasting a porg but that was because they were incidental flourishes, not mockeries of main characters.

12. The humour – Part 2: Hux.

Poor old Hux. Yes he is a bit of a nutter, but he became ridiculous in this movie. The entire opening sequence from Poe Dameron’s tedious prank call to Snoke’s humiliation of his supposed second in command was painful. This guy is supposed to the terrifying, psychopath driving force of horrifying new Order. He was reduced to a tantrum-throwing teenager locked in a battle over who does the washing up with Kylo Ren.

13. Phasma.

We love Gwendoline Christie but her Phasma sounds like a phone-sex operator but seems unable to ever give or get satisfaction. She was hopeless in The Force Awakens, giving away the codes to destroy her army’s biggest weapon without a whimper. This time she swaggers around and then fall off a big ledge. A bit like this movie.

14. Stormtroopers can’t aim.

The old problem of useless baddies reared its head in a ludicrous fashion but on an epic scale. Huge First Order dreadnoughts fill the sky but they can’t catch one rickety old Resistance ship? Apparently the smaller vessels were too little to hit and now the First Order’s entire plan seems to be waiting for the Raddus to run out of petrol. Even accepting that the dreadnoughts have a cruising speed equivalent to a camper van, could the First Order seriously not jump to a position just in front of it and cut it off?

15. Villains

Smoke, Kylo Ren, Hux and Phasma are supposed to be the ultimate symbols of unspeakable evil and terror. They control the most fearsome military operation in the history of the galaxy. Most of the time it seems likely that a few porgs with a stiff breeze could take them down.

16. Han Solo.

He died, seriously folks, he died. Fans were very upset and there were rumours of a lavish funeral. We didn’t even get an announcement in the local Ahch-To gazette. Luke possibly raised an eyebrow at the news and then probably stomped off to milk another sea moster with disturbingly large nipples. Not good enough, Disney.

17. We have all we need here.

Leia’s final words suggest that everyone needed to save the entire galaxy can fit on board the Millennium Falcon. Yeah, tough luck to all the other Resistance heroes blown up at every step along the way. The fact that poor Leia can no longer include herself in that statement is also a concern.

Was this movie all that fans needed? Before its release everyone seems confident it was. Now it seems many fans feel that Episode 9 has a lot of work to do to bring the Skywalker saga home…

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