A WOMAN has shockingly claimed she is a hybrid human/alien and regularly travels on UFOs into outer space.

Shock claims: I’m half ALIEN claims woman who’s ‘abducted onto SPACE SHIPS’

Judy Carroll, 64, claims to have communicated with extraterrestrials since being a child.

Mrs Carroll from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, says she interacts with the classic alleged race of aliens known as Greys, famed for their large heads and eyes.

She says we have nothing to fear from the “alien visitors”, who simply want to help humans evolve from our more primitive state.

She is one of a growing number of people to come forward who claim to be half alien/half human after their mothers were abducted and injected with alien DNA while pregnant.

Mrs Carroll claims she is taken on board an alien spacecraft as part of her communication with the species around once a month – and considers it just like going on holiday.

But, she claims she often has no memory of her intergalactic voyages, according to an interview with New Idea.

She described the Greys as being thin-bodied, bald and with teardrop-shaped eyes and no moving jaws.

Although she claims to have spoken with aliens since being a child, she says she did not meet them until she was 30 in 1983.

Her claim is that she was lying down when her body felt paralysed as three Greys stood over her.

She was allegedly told to learn how to meditate to stay in touch with her new found friends.

I don’t always remember as I’m taken during sleep, but I do have many conscious memories too.

Judy Carroll

The spacecraft she claims to go on are “pure white, with beautiful archways and no sharp corners,” she says.

She said: “I don’t always remember as I’m taken during sleep, but I do have many conscious memories too.”

Mrs Carroll claims she kept the visitations secret for years, but then came out to husband Charlie, who remarkably “saw an alien above her as she meditated in front of him.”

She has written books about her experiences and says the visiting aliens have “upgraded her DNA” to make her a hybrid.

She claims to have memories of “working on humans” who had been abducted onto alien spaceships.

The Australian also claims to have an alien teacher and healer called Maris, who has a “soul-to-soul” relationship with her.

She said: “I remember him massaging my neck and putting his long fingers in my mouth and down my throat, where I said I was tight.”

She believes that only when humankind is fully ready will the Greys be able to help us all evolve to their level, as they will not force it upon us.

Sceptics say there is no scientific evidence to support claims of alien abductions and hybrids, and all that we have is the claim of the individual.

They also say that such claims have increased since the rise of the internet and the increase in similar allegations being recorded online.

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