SHOCK CLAIM: ‘I SUMMONED ALIENS using expert’s technique before being hounded by UFO’

It changed colour from purple to red, in response to a specific request from me, at Steven Greer’s online direction.

UFO witness

“Immediately upon making eye contact, it began to follow us and continued to until arriving at Home Depot where it, for lack of a better description, waited for us at least a half-hour until we came out, also exhibiting the same behaviour when exiting a Popeye’s and Food Bazaar on the way back, where another of them then seemed to join the one that had first appeared to me there.”

MUFON is investigating the claims.

Scott C waring, editor of ufosightingsdaily.com, gave his reaction.

He said: “Do I believe the eyewitness? Yes of course.

“Do I believe it’s a UFO? It is an unidentified flying object.


Dr Steven Greer claims to be able to summon aliens in UFOs.

“It could be a craft of some sort, or it could be the rarest of the rare… an energy being.

“Such beings are said to not take much notice of humans, so if this is one such alien being, then they are truly lucky.”

An energy being or astral being is a theoretical life form that is composed of energy rather than matter, but there is no evidence to support their existence.

Mr Waring added: “I see no light beam, no laser beam that would indicate this is being made from the ground.


MYSTERY SOLVED? A CGI impression of the exhibition which caused the purple lights in 2015.

“I have a laser that is ultraviolet (purple) and its beam is visible…there is no beam here.

“It’s coming from the sky.”

Express.co.uk showed the images to debunker Scott Brando, who runs the website ufoofinterest.org.

He discovered that the purple lift had been seen in the same area two years before, and it was down to a science exhibit.

He said: “That purple light was already seen in the same location in December 2015 “That time it was the New York Hall of Science that installed new lighting on one of their exhibition spaces. It becomes more apparent when its overcast and very cloudy.”

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