THE Rural Business Awards is looking to Amazon for help in developing mentoring programmes for small businesses.

Rural Business Awards hopeful Amazon can boost jobs and develop mentoring programmes

Amazon is sponsoring this year’s awards, which will be held on October 5 at Denbies Wine ­Estate in Surrey.

Founders Anna Price and Jemma Clifford said they want to work with Amazon to provide practical help for rural small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

They also want to get more small firms to attend Amazon Academy, a series of networking events.

In addition to , they said that they want to add to the Rural Business Awards’ network groups that can help rural SMEs solve problems such as recruitment and logistics.

We hope to work with Amazon to develop specific programmes

Anna Price

Ms Price said: “Our vision is bring people together to share problems and find people who can help with them.

“We hope to work with Amazon to develop specific programmes. We also want to get more SMEs to engage with Amazon Academy.

“We’re also talking to the likes of deliveries, HR, recruitment, tax and accountancy firms. We’re trying to bring together relevant partners.”

The pair claim there are 600,000 rural businesses, who between them employ more than 3.4 million people.

Although rural SMEs are growing, they are struggling with problems, notably poor or lack of broadband internet speeds, as well as labour shortages.

Ms Price added: “A lot of them struggle with connectivity. Generally speaking, rural broadband is rubbish. There are also workforce challenges, with lots of young people moving to cities. We need to show them there are jobs at home where they can build a career.”

Entry deadline is June 30.


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