The new GTA 5 Online update will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rockstar news: GTA 5 Online update COUNTDOWN, Red Dead Redemption 2 latest

The new GTA 5 Online update will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PCROCKSTAR

The new GTA 5 Online update will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC

GTA 5 Online fans have a big new update to look forward to on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Unlike what fans have seen of late, this won’t involve a lot of new missions to complete in free-mode.

Instead, Rockstar have decided to launch a new Heist, the first since 2015.

And it looks to be one of the biggest ever created for the game, which is coming to GTA 5 Online on December 12.

The GTA 5 Doomsday Heist looks to be a game-changer, solving both the Mount Chiliad Mystery, while also adding jetpacks to the game.

The plot sees an unlikely alliance team up to save San Andreas from total annihilation.

Rockstar explains more: “A billionaire tech mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a socially awkward conspiracy theorist and a neurotic supercomputer have been forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from total annihilation.

“As apocalyptic threats mount from enemies unknown, you and your criminal crew are enlisted to un-tangle mysteries and eradicate threats spanning from the bustling streets of downtown Los Santos to the ocean floor and all the way to the inner depths of Mount Chiliad in an epic new online adventure.”


Some dataminers claim that some of the new content will see in this latest release is actually from the planned single-player DLC, which was scrapped by Rockstar.

This could also be the last major content drop for the game before Red Dead Redemption 2, although that’s still some ways away.

As usual, fans can expect the new GTA 5 Online update to launch on Tuesday, although a time has not been confirmed by Rockstar, for deployment.

For anyone who has been keeping up with loot boxes and how they’ve been facing some heavy criticism, Rockstar recently shared their own thoughts on the subject.

As any GTA 5 Online player will know, microtransactions are a big part of the multiplayer experience.

And it’s been confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will have its own version of the system currently employed in Grand Theft Auto.

And speaking during the Credit Suisse event earlier this month, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff revealed the company’s current standpoint on loot boxes and the question of gambling.

“We don’t view that thing as gambling,” Slatoff commented.

“Our view of it is the same as the ESA statement for the most part; so [potential legislation is] going to play its course.”

“In terms of the consumer–the noise you hear in the market right now–it’s all about content and over-delivering on content,” Slatoff added.

“It’s about making making sure you’re focused on engagement, and I think that has been our strategy; that has been our focus.

“And as long you keep your eye on that ball, you’re going to be okay. The consumer’s going to be really happy with what they get.”

And Slatoff also gave a potential nod to how RDR2 would be employing the same kind of expansion support, recently seen in GTA 5 Online, via offering microtransactions.

“Yeah, you can’t force the consumer to do anything,” Slatoff said. “You try your best to create the best experience you possibly you can to drive engagement, and driving engagement creates value in franchises.

“That’s how it’s always been and how it always will be.”

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