A POLICE force was called by members of the public to investigate UFO flying saucers and “aliens” from the public.

REVEALED: Police called to investigate UFOs and ‘ALIENS’ by terrified members of public

Lancashire Police sent officers out eight times in two years to sightings of “alien crafts”.

The force also confirmed that not once did their beat bobbies ever find proof of the existence of UFOs over the north-west of England.

Officers responded to two of the reports after a sighting of two “crafts” over leafy Pendle Hill in 2015 and another in Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool, the year before.

A report of a “beam of light from a UFO” was sent to officers in Burnley in 2015 with another sighting submitted the previous year in Buckshaw Village.

Two UFOs were said to be seen in the sky over the coast at Fleetwood in 2015 with a ‘red’ craft and a white one spotted nearby last year.

Then in March last year police were contacted over a suspected alien abduction in Accrington while the following month they were called over a UFO “landing” in Marsden Park, Nelson.

Saturn and Venus as well as aircraft can very easily be mistaken for something else

Andy Sierolawski

Lancashire has a long history of UFO sightings – with one in Burnley, in November 1995 prompting a staggering 250 calls on the same day.

On that occasion hundreds of members of the public claims to have seen an object in the sky which was travelling at high speed towards Hebden Bridge.

Andy Sierolawski, from Todmorden Observatory, said: “We get asked if we have ever seen anything all the time.

“Around 40 per cent of the people who visit the centre ask us.

“Saturn and Venus as well as aircraft can very easily be mistaken for something else.”

The farcical use of scarce police resources comes during tough financial time for all the country’s forces.

Lancashire’s budget has been cut by £63m since 2010, resulting in the loss of 1,200 jobs.

A force spokesman said: “With any call received into the police force control room the operator assesses each and identifies any risk/threat/harm.

“The operator provides the appropriate response to this, which may include deploying an officer. Sometimes these calls are not what they may seem so a potential UFO call could be a suspicious light or suspicious movement.

“That could mean any number of things and we would assess and deploy officers if required, or there could be a concern for the caller’s welfare.”

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