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Remainer Eddie Izzard claims Brexit and Trump make this ‘the LAST CENTURY for humanity’

We’re just going to wipe ourselves off the planet, this century we’ve got the ability to do that

Eddie Izzard

“We make that work this century or goodbye humanity.”

The British comedian actively campaigned against Brexit and was reported to have spent £36,000 on trying to keep Britain in the EU.

Mr Izzard submitted receipts totalling £36,229.22 including £22,000 on transport and food, £12,699 on referendum “material” and £715 on media.

It was not immediately clear if it was his own cash or donations from others but he is reportedly a multi-millionaire thanks to his long showbusiness career.

The biggest single campaign declaration revealed by the Electoral Commission was £676,016 by fashion student Darren Grimes, who ran the social media-driven BeLeave campaign, with strong backing from the official Vote Leave campaign.

On the Remain side, the biggest spenders revealed were the We Are Europe group – described as a “collective of friends, artists, campaigners, creatives and doers” – who spent £326,445 trying to mobilise support among young people for staying in the EU.

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