How to Reduce Your Pet’s Stress During a Move

Moving pets to a new home isn’t easy. For animals, it’s much harder than people. All pets, no matter whether it is a cat, a dog, or a parrot, have specific needs when traveling for a long distance. Overall, they need some extra time to accommodate to a new area, new place, and new smells. You always have to do your best to make sure your pet has everything needed during a moving process.

To be able to stay focused on your family members and pets on a moving day, it is better to order a professional moving service. For those, who are going to move to California, we recommend hiring movers best newport beach ca to take care of transporting their personal stuff.

When everything is packed and movers are hired, you can devote time to your cats and dogs. So, where to start from?

Best Way to Move Your Pets

For a lot of pets, especially cats, moving can be a traumatic experience. They become suspicious, nervous, and irritated. What can help is staying away from a packing process. You can leave your cat for a night or two in a special shelter. Such places function to take care of animals when their owners travel for long distances. If you know nothing about such places for animals, go to yelp review, which contains information about local businesses and different services, including moving services.

Moving with Cats

  • When moving with cats, it is almost obligatory to use a crate. Why? Crates make a lot of cats feel secure and cozy. Carrying your cat under a jacket is not always a great idea. Placing your pet in a crate will be safer for both you and him. But make sure your cat is familiar with a crate. You can place him there 2-3 weeks before moving just to get him used to it a little bit.
  • Set up your new home before your cat goes there. Bring his favorite blankets, towels, and toys.
  • Go to a vet clinic with your cat and ask if it would be better to use some sedative medications or not. Sometimes they help to take your cat’s anxiety off.

Moving with Dogs

Contrary to cats, dogs can easily travel without a crate. They feel comfortable enough being in a car. All you have to do is to take an «overnight kit». It is a small bag with essentials for your dog. Don’t forget about enough food, water, toys, towels, and a leash.

Make short breaks on the road. Give your dog some time to walk, to exercise, and to play.

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