RAINBOW SIX SIEGE update 1.25 is out now following a hectic month of new content releases, free demos and server issues.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.25: Ubisoft’s improvement patch

Having seen a range of new content drop, rebalancing made and free demos launched, Ubisoft have now released Rainbow Six Siege update 1.25.

For those looking for some thorough patch notes on what changes have been made, there are currently none to point too.

However, Ubisoft did confirm a period of maintenance that was set to be performed on PS4, including a patch weighing in at 2.5GB.

The maintenance notes confirm that the new changes are focused on improving matchmaking, as well as improving overall network stability.

You can find the brief summary below:

Here are some other reported issues that are set to be dealt with by the Ubisoft development team soon:


Connectivity & Installation

No further information has been supplied by Ubisoft, who recently confirmed that the starter version of the game was set to return to Uplay.

Ubisoft have confirmed that starter Edition players will get two randomly chosen Operators from a pool that includes Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke, all chosen for their accessibility to newcomers.

They’ll also get 600 R6 Credits, which can be used to unlock two additional Operators, or spend on other in-game content.

From there, unlocking new Operators becomes more time-consuming than in the Standard Edition: adding a member of the original lineup to your roster takes considerably more Renown, the in-game currency earned through play.

Ubisoft has confirmed that post-launch Operators cost the same regardless of which version you’re playing.

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