The new PUBG update is out now on Xbox One

PUBG UPDATE: New Xbox One patch LIVE, including Battlegrounds notes

The new PUBG update is out now on Xbox OneBLUEHOLE INC

The new PUBG update is out now on Xbox One

The new PUBG Xbox One update was released earlier today, meaning less disruption for fans in the UK.

Coming in the middle of the night, the new Battlegrounds patch was originally launched to sort out one very annoying bug.

This problem was so severe, it was causing in-game issue that were undermining the core experience for some players.

This should have now been fixed with the new PUBG update, which comes with a few other performance enhancements.

A message from Bluehole Inc. confirms: “As part of that update, we have decided to include some additional performance and gameplay improvements, as well as a new controller option.

“We want to thank our community for the continued feedback and look forward to the discussion that the changes below bring.”

One of the most notable changes that players will find straight away is that Pistols have been removed from Y button’s weapon rotation and grouped with the melee weapon.

However, other optimisation changes have also been made to the game and can be found in full in the patch notes below.

Bluehole have also identified two other changes that are being worked on for a future build of the game.

These Battlegrounds bug fixes include:





Bug fixes

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