IDENTICAL twins who are said to have predicted the 9/11 terror attacks and spoken to several celebrities from beyond the grave have revealed their forecast for 2018.

Psychic twins ‘who predicted 9/11’ forecast CHAOTIC 2018 – but also Brexit boost

The two of us are seeing a chaotic couple of years ahead

Terry and Linda Jamison

They said: “Tensions will remain very high between the US and North Korea.

“We see Kim Jong-un continuing to recklessly threaten Trump with nuclear attack. Other US allies may intercede to calm down any inflammatory situation.

“But we feel it is unlikely that a nuclear missile will hit the US during Trump’s presidency.”

Meanwhile 2018 is also set to be hit with more devastating hurricanes, according their predictions.

They said: “We are seeing severe storms and crazy fluctuations this year.

“There will be extreme weather globally, including superstorms, typhoons, hurricanes, and massive flooding.

“Several dangerous hurricanes and mega-storms will continue to threaten coastal areas. There will be an active hurricane season for 2018.

“Sadly, our dire predictions of devastating CAT 4 and CAT 5 hurricanes and flooding happened in Texas, Florida, and many other locations this year. We see more of these extreme weather events in the US in 2018.”

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