PROOF OF AFTERLIFE? Terrifying ‘ghost’ caught on CCTV ‘haunting family home’

Everything appears normal as a woman passes through the living room to the kitchen.

But as she moves out of shot a small alleged “phantom” seems to appear in the bottom left of the screen.

It moves from right to left, before disappearing again.

The video then cuts out before zoomed in views of the anomaly can be seen, reports.


The ‘ghost’ caught on CCTV sparked debate about the afterlife.

It is just some sort of light are shadow that shows on the camera.

Sceptical viewer

The woman who captured the footage at home is convinced it shows a ghost.

She uploaded the video to YouTube channel Ghost Finder for opinion from paranormal experts.

One viewer posted on YouTube: “Did you see how it moved? I think that is a spirit.”

However, others were more sceptical.

One added: “It is just some sort of light are shadow that shows on the camera.”

The footage has since been shared on Reddit, with many people speculating it could be a ghost.

There is no scientific proof of ghosts but, as one of the most popular paranormal beliefs, tens of thousands of people across the globe are convinced that some of us live on after death and energies from these spirits can be captured on camera.

In recent weeks a series of apparant ghosts have been seen in Google Maps images, but sceptics have come up with rational explanations for them all.

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