A NEW Pokemon Go event countdown has begun, with Legendary bird Zapdos replacing Moltres very soon.

Pokemon Go event countdown: New Legendary Zapdos release update, Moltres end news

Niantic have been keeping fans busy over past two weeks with new Pokemon Go Legendary events.

More simple than in the past, the new Pokemon Go updates focus on the launch of the game’s first Legendary birds.

Each week, fans have seen a new Team mascot arrive, with both Lugia and Articuno making their debuts during Pokemon Go Fest.

The Ice-type has now been replaced and is no longer available at Gym Raids, while Lugia is not affected by the currrent rotation.

Pokemon Go’s Moltres has been available for the past week but will soon be replaced by Zapdos.

Niantic say the change is scheduled to occur on Monday, August 7, although things went a little differently in the UK last time.

While Zapdos will likely make its debut on the West Coast of the United States around that time, it will be too late for UK players to hit any Raids.

Pokemon Go Raids are only available during certains times, meaning that it will be hard for everyone to start trying to catch Zapdos across the globe, whenever they are released.

So it seems best for Trainers to plan to start the official Zapdos Raids on the morning of August 8, unless Niantic change things up.

Following these latest Pokemon Go events, there’s the chance that the recently datamined Legendary Raid passes will become the official way of activating these Raid battles.

Legendary Raid battles function in a similar way to normal Gym encounters, a boss Pokémon takes over a Gym.

The Raid battle itself is pretty standard, you’ll want your damage output high, meaning less dodging and more fainted Pocket Monsters.

If you do lose all of your team, you can always return with a fresh team, or revive the ones you had in the fray before.

Catching is the same as always, curveballs are your friend and will hopefully help you get what you deserve after such a meaty battle.

There has been no word on when Lugia could be replaced, and there’s a chance that it has something to do with the upcoming Pokemon Go event in Japan.

For those preparing to face Zapdos, it will be worth doing a bit of homework beforehand.

The Legendary bird is an electric and flying type so, while Trainers may not have faced it yet, they will know the types of moves that do well generally.

For instance, Zapdos is weak against ground and ice types, meaning that the likes of Golem and Dragonite will fare well.

So, if you have a Golem with Rock Throw and Stone Edge, you’re going to do a lot better than someone strolling up with a water-type.

Blissey and Snorlax, top defensive Gym Pokemon, could also be effective against Zapdos, so make sure you check your roster thoroughly before making the final picks.

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