PENTAGON UFO: Is this truth about US military footage hailed as ALIEN proof?

“The bird (or other slow moving object, but I suspect a large soaring sea bird) hypothesis tallies with the angle.

“The object starts out at 43° to the left, and continues left to 58°

“The white dot, whatever it is, would be invisible to the naked eye.”

Metabunk member Brian Vincent said: “I thought that a balloon would be more likely than a bird because 12,000 ft seemed rather high for birds to be flying.

“I was rather surprised to learn that 12,000 ft isn’t very high and well within the range of many migratory birds and birds of prey.”

Another member with the user name Igoddard added: “It looks to me unremarkably like the cool feathers of a bird flying close over the sea.

“I also think we can make out a wing-flapping pattern (it sort of ‘leaps’ forward in steps, a differential rhythmic propulsion indicative of wing-flap-induced propulsion) that reminds me of the flying-insect UFOs called ‘rods.'”

The academy has also said that the AATIP paid for “materials recovered from UFOs that were unknown to science” to be stored away, but despite repeated requests no reports on the tests or evidence of the materials has surfaced.

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