Andrew Olivier 2014

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne testifying today in bribery trial of former aide, organizer

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is testifying on the fifth day of the Sudbury bribery trial of a former aide and another Liberal organizer, in a scandal linked to a 2015 byelection.

Gerry Lougheed Jr, a prominent Sudbury businessman and Liberal fundraiser, and Pat Sorbara, formerly Wynne’s deputy chief of staff, are charged with bribery under Ontario’s Election Act.

Andrew Olivier 2014

Andrew Olivier speaks to supporters the Plaza Hotel following his loss in the 2014 general election. (Erik White/CBC )

Former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier made the allegations after taping conversations with Lougheed and Sorbara in which he claims to have been enticed to step aside to make room for Glenn Thibeault, who left his job as federal NDP MP to run for the Ontario Liberals.

Both Sorbara and Lougheed pleaded not guilty when the trial began last Thursday before Judge Howard Borenstein.

Stay tuned to CBC online, on radio and on television for coverage of the trial today.

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