No Man’s Sky PS4 mods, quests, multiplayer and other ways to improve game

No Man’s Sky needs PS4 mods:

If Bethesda can do it with Fallout 4 – on Xbox One, at least – then maybe, just maybe, Hello Games can find a way to make mods work on the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky.

Mods have breathed new life into countless PC games over the years, making huge changes to the way they look and play, and even transforming some releases into entirely new games – like ARMA 2 and DayZ, for example.

Modders are already doing amazing things with No Man’s Sky on PC, making massive improvements with releases like the low flight mod that makes it easier to land and explore.

No Man’s Sky is a game with unlimited potential, and handing the keys over to the PS4 community would help it fulfil that potential.

No Man’s Sky needs quests:

One of the biggest problems with No Man’s Sky is that it all feels a bit aimless. Apart from the whole journey to the centre of the universe thing, there’s not really much else to do past gathering resources, avoiding space pirates and upgrading your gear.

No Man’s Sky may have quintillions of beautiful planets, but once you’ve got enough supplies to move on, there’s not much incentive to stick around and really explore.

It would be tricky, but adding proper quests and additional objectives would give No Man’s Sky more direction and make it a lot more fun.

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