STARGAZERS who allegedly found evidence of the mythical Planet X system have died in mysterious circumstances, it's been claimed.

NIBIRU COVER UP? Mysterious death of scientists who ‘found Planet X’

Have there been strange instances? Yes.

David Meade

“This would put it intermediate between gaseous planets like Uranus and Neptune and the terrestrial planets we have in the inner part of the solar system.

“So if this planet turns out to be in a 3,600-year orbit, then its mass would be correspondingly larger.

“But we are talking about something that is a perfectly reasonable kind of planet that looks like a good nice planet.

“Small enough that it’s not going to be completely enveloped in gas.

“It’s perfectly capable of supporting lifeforms of one kind or another.”

Data from Voyager 2’s flyby of Neptune supposedly disproved Dr Harrington’s calculations in 1992.

Six months later, in January 1993 he died. The cause of death was revealed cancer – but conspiracy theorists have their doubts.

Some claim he was about to publish new observations he had made in New Zealand when he died.

Blogger Marshall Masters writes: “Harrington sent back reports of this ominous discovery, but died of what was reported to be oesophageal cancer before he could pack up his telescope and come home to hold what would have been a highly publicised press conference.”

Nibiru truthers claim the southern hemisphere, particularly around the South Pole, is the best place to see Nibiru, whose orbit around the Sun is said to be on a tilt to Earth’s.

Rodney Marks died at the South Pole while working on the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.

The otherwise healthy 32-year-old collapsed while walking between the observatory and the base, became unwell over the next 36 hours and then died.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) – which runs the station – announced he had “died of natural causes” but his body wasn’t released for a post-mortem in New Zealand for six months.

The autopsy found he died of ethanol poisoning, but it was unclear how he consumed it.

He had a ready access to normal alcohol and had no personal problems, and the coroner said he couldn’t have drunk it accidentally.

New Zealand police said NSF was uncooperative, refused to give details of an internal report or say who was at the station at the time.

The station doctor, Robert Thompson, also disappeared in 2006.

The coroner has never entered a final verdict on Marks’ death.

Dr Meade said: “He spent most of his time collected data on viewing conditions and the operations of the enormous infrared telescope.

“Did he know too much?”

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