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Meghan Markle citizenship: Will Prince Harry’s bride lose American passport when she weds?

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Meghan Markle news: Will Prince Harry’s fiancee become a British citizen on their wedding day?

Meghan Markle, 36, will marry Prince Harry, 33, in May this year after 18 months of dating.

An American citizen, Meghan will become part of the Royal Family when she marries.

But will she become a British citizen? And will she retain her American passport?

Harry’s communications secretary has spoken about Meghan’s immigration status, and said she would be “compliant with immigration requirements at all times”.

Meghan Markle news: Will Prince Harry’s bride become a British citizen on her wedding day? Will she lose her American passport?

He continued: “I can also say she intends to become a UK citizen and will go through the process of that, which some of you may know takes a number of years.”

At the moment, it is assumed Meghan is in the UK on a family visa, which lasts up to two and a half years.

If someone comes to the country as the fiancee of a British citizen, they must marry within six months.

Meghan would then have to apply for the visa again after the two and a half years is up, as individuals must wait five years before permanent residency is granted, also known as “indefinite leave to remain”.

meghan markle prince harry wedding citizen passportGetty Images

Meghan Markle news: The could will marry in Windsor in May this year

As long as Meghan then passes a test of questions on life in the UK, she will be granted British citizenship. It is then up to her whether she retains her American citizenship and passport and has dual nationality. The Palace has previously refused to comment on whether she plans to do this.

The royal wedding is now less than 100 days away – what will Meghan’s title be when she marries Prince Harry?

It is likely she will be given a title on her wedding day by the Queen, 91. But what will it be?

Kate Middleton, 36, did not have an aristocratic title before she married Prince William, 35, in 2011.

meghan markle prince harry wedding citizen passportGetty Images

Meghan Markle news: It is thought the Queen will give the newlyweds titles on their wedding day

But on their wedding day, she became the Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, after the Queen bestowed the title on her and Duke of Cambridge on William.

She was able to use the HRH title as Prince William was born His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales.

Royal watchers believe Harry will be made the Duke of Sussex on his wedding day, making Meghan the Duchess of Sussex.

And she would also be able to be HRH, as Harry’s title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales.

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