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Martin Lewis energy saving tips: Money Saving Expert says one call can save you thousands

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, revealed how to get the cheapest deal on your gas and electricity.

He recommend that all customers haggle with their providers to get a better deal.

Struggling with just how to do this?

Thankfully, Martin revealed a step-by-step run down on exactly how to haggle with your energy provider to knock money off your bill.

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Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert revealed how to get the cheapest energy bills

Martin explained how to get a cheaper deal to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in January on ITV’s This Morning.

He urged viewers of This Morning: “Get onto an OFGEM approved comparison site and move to the cheapest option for you.

“Call up your energy company today and say ‘Am I on your cheapest deal and if I’m not can I move to it?’”

Haggling as a technique to save money came up on the show, and Martin gave his top tips for how to do this.

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Martin Lewis: Recommend that all customers haggle with their providers to get a cheaper deal

“Haggling is really important especially with companies with call centres,” Martin said.

“Always be polite, always charm, they don’t have to have you as customer – this isn’t about aggression, you want them on your side,” Martin advised.

He suggested saying: “I’m sorry that’s too expensive, I’ve checked elsewhere you’re more expensive than the competition.”

Martin also revealed the top fixed savings accounts for high rates on savings, and there are two that he recommends in particular.

Martin Lewis on This MorningITV

Martin Lewis: Get onto an OFGEM approved comparison site and move to the cheapest option

Martin Lewis has revealed two savings accounts he particularly recommends for those looking to lock their money away for a rainy day.

Appearing on This Morning last month, the 44-year-old financial expert recommended the OakNorth Bank and Paragon Bank.

The expert revealed that rates for fixed saving accounts are higher now.

Martin said: “Savings rates have been dire the past few years, and a couple of weeks ago I mentioned one of the best ways to earn ‘high’ interest is by fixing your money (so you can’t access it), as then the highest one-year fix was 1.8 per cent and two-year fix was 2 per cent with Atom Bank.

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