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Liverpool news: Baddiel gives his take on whether the Mohamed Salah chant is controversial

“The stuff I was involved in as a Jewish football fan was trying to talk out loud and raise questions, without saying anything should be banned, about whether or not the ‘Y word’ – which is what I prefer to call it – should be ok to chant it at football matches.

“That caused a lot of fuss, because as you may know, that is a word used by Spurs fans and one of the things that got mixed up was I wasn’t just talking about Spurs fans.

“I was trying to stop that word being used at Chelsea – of which I’m a fan – and Arsenal and Millwall and West Ham around Spurs.”

Baddiel said Liverpool fans are trying to show “solidarity” with Salah, but a Muslim would have to comment on the whether the song is appropriate.

Adil Ray, a Muslim actor and broadcaster, discussed the song with Channel 4 News, claiming “unfairly the white working class associated with football after often accused of being racist or prejudiced”.

He said: “If you bear in mind that the Muslim community are often accused on not being integrated, not being part of the mainstream and yet we have probably the best player in the Premier League right now is a Muslim player.

“And equally, and unfairly, the if you want to call it the white working class who you might associate with football traditionally are often accused of being racist or prejudiced or not welcoming to the Muslim community.

“And here we have both of those situations merging together with Liverpool football fans. I think it’s just really, actually quite heartwarming.”

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