EVER fancied being buried in space? Now is your chance with a company offering to send yours or a loved ones ashes out into the cosmos.

Laid to rest near the heavens: Company offers to send human ASHES into space

A memorial spaceflight startup called Elysium Space announced earlier this week that it is offering people the chance to have their ashes sent into space.

The mission, known as Elysium Star II, will allow customers to have their loved one’s remains sent into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket next year.

So far, 100 people have paid a minimum of $2,490 to have someone’s ashes aboard the ship.

Once a person has paid for the privilege, they will receive a small capsule which they scoop a small amount of the cremated remains of a person in and then send it back to Elysium Space.

The website adds: “In addition to the capsule, an engraved message of your choice, up to 80 characters, will be carried by the memorial spacecraft to the stars.”

It adds: “The Elysium Memorial spacecraft will be deployed in a Sun-synchronous orbit, ensuring it will pass over every location in the world during its journey among the stars.

“For about 2 years, our memorial spacecraft will respectfully and peacefully orbit the Earth. Family and friends will follow this journey using our free iOS/Android mobile app, enhancing the overall personal connection and experience.

“Eventually, in a last poetic moment, the spacecraft will harmlessly reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star.”

This is not the first time Elysium Space has attempted this.

In 2015, the company attempted to send a cubesat with ashes on a U.S. Air Force Super Strypi rocket into space.

However, the rocket broke apart about a minute after takeoff.

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