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Kate Middleton pregnant news: Duchess and Prince William parenting TRICK revealed

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a particular trick they use to ensure their children are always well behaved for public appearances.

The couple follow a particular protocol when out with Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

Kate will hold Charlotte’s hand or carry her, while William looks after George.

This is a dynamic seen in nearly every photo of the family.

Kate Middleton pregnant news and latest update on Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge baby number three

An expert spoke to OK! to explain why Kate and William do this. Elizabeth Kuhnke, a communications specialist, said: “The family appears united, with each person playing their part as dictated by protocol.

“The two future kings walking together – while Kate takes charge of hers and William’s young daughter – is natural, especially in accordance with the conventions of the stringent rules which are traditional and expected within the royal family.”

She continued: “An adult is still required to take charge. And with two young children, living in the public eye, more than one adult is needed.

“One can find photos of William holding Charlotte and Kate holding George when the children were babies, and although both children are now older, they’re not old enough to be let loose on their own.”

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Kate Middleton news: Latest update on Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s third baby

kate middleton pregnant baby news update picturesGetty Images

Kate Middleton news: Prince William joined his wife in Manchester yesterday

What will Kate and William name their third child? As per tradition, the couple have not revealed the sex of the baby and will not share their choice of name until it is born.

Prince George, 4, has the full name George Alexander Louis, while Princess Charlotte, 2, is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

But there may now be a new clue as to what the couple will name their third child.

kate middleton pregnant baby news update picturesGetty Images

Kate Middleton news: The Duchess of Cambridge carries Princess Charlotte at public appearances

Yesterday, Kate and William were in Manchester for a series of royal engagements where they discussed mental health and child welfare.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent valuable time meeting local schoolchildren who are taking part in a project called “stepping out” in conjunction with the BBC.

Kensington Palace tweeted: “The session is a focus group where young people are able to give children’s editorial staff and content producers their view of how they respond to new programmes.”

“At the Stepping Out session, The Duke & Duchess take part in a Q&A with a young person – Josh, who featured in a Newsround special telling his story of his mental health challenges.”

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