IVF children of Britain’s famous ‘gay dads’ speak about their lives for the first time

Aspen also has a Porsche 911 with a personalised number plate, despite being too young to drive.

However Saffron revealed that her fathers can be strict, particularly when it comes to boyfriends

She said: “Daddy is the one I turn to when I need advice. I share everything with him, he’s an amazing listener.

“That said, both Dad and Daddy can be really strict and they both vet my boyfriends.

“Daddy can be so embarrassing when he gives them a grilling and tells them to behave themselves.

“Although Aspen is worse! He tells me who he thinks would make a good boyfriend, but I’m holding out for Justin Bieber.”

Aspen and Saffron have done their first interview as one man seeking IVF at 71 remained defiant in the face of criticism.

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