A CHORUS of Remainers hit out against a second Brexit vote telling the BBC’s Nick Robinson it would be a “waste of time”.

‘It’s a waste of time’ Remainers tell BBC host they’re totally against second vote

Robinson sat with the group of Remain voters and asked how they would react to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron if he walked into the room and offered them a second referendum.

The Lib Dems has put a second referendum on leaving the European Union at the heart of its General Election manifesto, which was launched on Wednesday.

But the voters, from Bedford, said they didn’t want any more effort or money spent on another vote on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Robinson asked: “So what happens if he came in the room now and said: ‘I’m , I’m the new leader of the Liberal Democrats – newish – and the main thing I’m going to give you is another say, what would you say to him?”

It’s a waste of time, effort, money, people’s votes. I think we should just get on with it

Remain voter

One of the group simply said: “No thanks, I don’t want a second referendum.”

Another said: “It’s a waste of time, money, resources.”

A third, James, added: “I’d agree exactly, it’s a waste of time, effort, money, people’s votes. I think we should just get on with it.”

Their comments will come as a blow to Mr Farron who has confirmed he would

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    The party claimed it would force a second referendum on leaving the EU if his party were to snatch power on June 8.

    Meanwhile, the Lib Dems’

    Sir Ed Davey insisted nobody has an understanding of what the historic referendum, held last June, actually means.

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