Is this the REAL TRUTH about UFOs? Shock theory on where they actually come from


UFO TRUTH? Flying saucers many not be flown by aliens after all.

He told Sputnik: “In the early 1950s the US military was testing a lot of new technologies and it was convenient to disguise them as UFOs.

“It was a double bluff.”

Mr Pilkington added the US Air Force found people were more easily accepting of rumours about UFOs and aliens than any other explanation of the secret aircraft.

Mr Pilkington is not the first researcher to propose that some UFOs are secret spy craft, but he appears to be the first to suggest they all are.

many alien conspiracy theorists claim that officials did recover a crashed alien flying saucer at Roswell and it was “reverse engineered” at the secretive Area 51 US Air Force base in Nevada to create top-secret anti gravity spy craft including the legendary TR-3B triangular craft.

While, it is widely accepted research on new air craft takes place at Area 51, it has never been proved any alien technology has ever been recovered or reverse engineered.

It also well recorded the US was developing strange experimental aircraft during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Pentagon bosses even had their own flying saucer called the Avrocar, known as Project Silverbug.

Mr Pilkington claims the history of UFO sightings is intertwined with the history of the Cold War.

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