Is NASA about to announce discovery of ALIEN LIFE in just over an hour?

The US space agency is holding a briefing at 6pm British time tonight to unveil the latest findings of the Kepler telescope mission.

Previous announcements have included the discovery of several earth-like rocky planets that were at the right distance from their star to potentially house life.

The team has been searching for such planets since 2014, finding around 30 Earth-sized planets orbiting within the ‘habitable zones’ of their stars and another 20 ‘possibles’.

It is anticipated NASA is going to make an announcement surrounding a joint project with Google using artificial intelligence to identify planets which could support alien organisms.


Is NASA about to announce aliens exist?

We are probably not alone

Mario Perez

The teleconference will be live-streamed on Nasa’s website.

The space agency teamed up with Google to use artificial intelligence to search for exoplanets.

NASA says the new discovery has been made by researchers using machine learning from Google, which is an approach to artificial intelligence, and demonstrates new ways of analysing Kepler data.

Conspiracy theorists are hoping there is more to it and they are about announce the discovery of a whole planet occupied by aliens.

It is, however, more likely that the first ever sign of alien life will be microorganisms.

The Kepler telescope recently found ten more planets outside our solar system which could be the size and temperature to support life.

A Nasa researcher hinted that aliens could be out there somewhere.

Kepler scientist Mario Perez said: “We are probably not alone.”

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