Feeling amorous: Some couples can't resist the chance to join the 'mile high club'. File image

How to join the ‘mile high club’

Sex on a plane might seem like something that only happens in X-rated films, but these real-life stories prove that is not the case.

Passengers from around the world took to Reddit to reveal how they joined the ‘mile high club’, despite the cramped seats and very public setting.

Cabin crew also shared their experiences of catching amorous couples in the act, including one flight attendant who gave two passengers a round of applause after they emerged from the toilet together.

Writing on the thread, anonymous users shared stories that are sure to leave you blushing…

Feeling amorous: Some couples can't resist the chance to join the 'mile high club'. File image

Feeling amorous: Some couples can’t resist the chance to join the ‘mile high club’. File image

‘They gave us extra blankets and turned down the lights’

One honeymooning couple decided to make the most of being the only two passengers on a plane.

The newlywed wrote: ‘We both ordered drinks and when she brought them back she also brought a few extra blankets… She handed us the drinks and blankets and headed to her seat.

‘They turned off all the cabin lights (the flight attendant left her reading light on)… We had sex, on a plane, and not crammed into a bathroom. Best Flight Ever.’

‘The height of the changing table was perfect’

The toilets on airplanes are notoriously cramped but one determined couple found a way to make the most of the space.

One man described how his girlfriend positioned herself on the baby changing table that folded down over the toilet.

‘She put her feet against the wall and fun ensued,’ he wrote. ‘The height of the fold down table was perfect.’

Engaged: The toilet at the back of a plane proved a popular choice for passengers. File image

Engaged: The toilet at the back of a plane proved a popular choice for passengers. File image

‘We planned it in advance’

One British user revealed how him and his girlfriend had shared a fantasy of having sex on a plane and finally had their chance while jetting off on holiday.

‘We sneaked into the lav at the first possible opportunity,’ he wrote. ‘We tried to be quiet as we could be, and were pretty quick.

‘Be quiet about it’

One former flight attendant shared this advice: ‘As long as you aren’t doing it in public, you’re being quiet about it, and you haven’t been acting suspicious the entire flight, if you want to go have sex in the lav, then have at it.

‘It’s certainly not high on the list of places I’d want to have sex, especially given that the lav is cramped, smelly, and the liquid on the floor isn’t water… But to each their own.’

‘Still, when I cracked open the door there was a flight attendant [FA] right outside, who politely asked me to take my seat. I closed the door behind me but there was no way she didn’t know my GF [girlfriend] was still in there.

‘GF waited a minute or so and then guiltily came out too, FA just asked her to take her seat and then it was like nothing happened.’

‘We gave them a round of applause’

Travellers can also be left red-faced at the antics of their fellow passengers.

One recalled: ‘On a flight to Switzerland a couple of years ago, there was a couple who “mile-high clubbed” a couple of times over the course of the flight.

‘The final time was right before breakfast was being served, and the flight attendant had everyone on the plane give them a round of applause for being the most consistent passengers she had ever seen.’

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