SHARM EL SHEIK was the site of a terror attack on a Russian passenger plane in 2015, and, since then, all flights to the destination from Britain have been banned. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against all travel for Brits to the resort – This Morning travel expert Simon Calder issues warning not to travel until this is lifted.

Holidays to Egypt – Is it safe to go to Sharm El Sheik? Expert issues warning

Travel expert Simon Calder appeared on This Morning to issue his advice on booking holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and Egypt.

Holidaymakers, currently holidaying in Sharm el Sheikh, appeared via video link on the show and spoke about their latest experience at the vacation destination.

Joseph Spendlove worked in Sharm El Sheikh for 10 years, but two years ago, returned to the UK because the tourism industry had “dried up” there.

This week he is enjoying time at the resort town as holidaymaker and spoke candidly about the unbeatable weather and service it had to offer.

If you get travel insurance for Egypt, it won’t cover you if you fly into Sharm El Sheikh airport – it will cover you for everything else.

He said: “I’ve been to Morocco, I’ve been to Turkey, and you just don’t have the temperature there you have here. And the level of service they give you is next to none.

“My return flight with Turkish Airlines was just £240, which changed in Istanbul – and the five star hotel I’m staying in is £20 a night – it’s an absolute steal.”

When asked whether he felt safe at the resort, Joseph answered: “There are armed police everywhere, which for people is a bit scary, but they’re here to make us feel safe. I feel more safe here than in the UK.”

Simon Calder agreed with Joseph that Sharm El Sheikh is a great holiday destination.

He said: “The FCO advises not to travel to Egypt, but all the places you want to go as a a holidaymaker have a tolerably low risk.

“Sharm El Shiek airport is off limits but there are other ways to get there. Joseph ignored the FO advice and flew in via Istanbul. You can also go via Cairo.”

So it it safe and will you get insurance if you fly to Sharm El Sheikh?

Simon revealed: “If you get travel insurance for Egypt, it won’t cover you if you fly into Sharm El Sheikh airport – it will cover you for everything else.

“It’s been 16 months now, the government says it’s working with Egyptian authorities, and of course, holiday companies are still selling trips to prepare for when the flight ban is finally lifted.”

When asked if he would travel to Sharm El Sheikh by Philip Schofield, he said: “I would take my family. I’m just waiting for the FO to change its advice.

“Egypt is a wonderful destination and has incredible antiquity. There’s so much to see this time of year than most part of Britain.

“I am very risk adverse – I’d tell my family to be really careful crossing the road, be informed about rip currents, and this helps reduce the safety risks. There have been some terrible atrocities involving terrorists in Egypt, but these are so rare that I put them in the same category as plane crashes – I will not allow my life to be dictated by these incidences.”

Travel operators have been selling Sharm El Sheikh holidays despite the flight ban.

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