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Great Storm of 1987 30 years on: How UK was devastated after Michael Fish flop forecast

It is currently heading east across the Atlantic Ocean with maximum sustained winds of 75mph (120kph), according to the National Hurricane Centre.

Met Office meteorologist, Aidan McGivern, said the weather service was “very concerned” and were monitoring the progress of Ophelia.

Latest track models show Ophelia lashing the shores of Cornwall around 9pm at the earliest.

The hurricane is forecasted to travel northeast across England and northern Ireland towards Scotland by 8am on Monday.

While hurricanes reaching the UK is considered “unusual”, Mr McGivern said it was not “unheard of”.

Hurricane Ophelia is the tenth hurricane of 2017 following Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate which devastated the Caribbean and the US earlier this year.

It is currently barrelling east across the Atlantic Ocean and located around 745miles (1,195km) southwest of the autonomous Portuguese Azores islands, travelling at 3mph.

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