A MAN who lives a life of near solitude in the Rocky Mountains claims to to be a modern prophet who speaks on behalf of God.

‘GOD’S MESSENGER’ Rocky Mountains ‘recluse’ claims to be prophet – with new announcement

Mr Summers junior also runs his own blog which describes how he heard his reclusive father communicating with God.

In 2012 post entitled “Witnessing the Revelation”, he said aged 10, he heard a strange voice from his father’s room.

His mother, Patricia said his father was “conferring with a great teacher”.

The blog said “day after day” they would find Marshall locked away “recording divine directives” or “deeply tired and very disoriented”.

The movement has met with some cynicism, amid claims it is making money through donations, and there is a cult-like feel to it.

Rick Ross, executive director of the Cult Education Institute, said: “Doomsday predictions can often be convenient points of leverage and control for cult leaders.

“That is, creating unreasonable fears about the future and then offering themselves and their message as the only genuine protection and/or single source of certain safety for their followers.

“Prophets like Summers are commonplace, and there seems to be a new one popping up weekly.”

Commentator Addison Nugent wrote on Ozy.com: “Whether Summers is peddling doom and disaster to further his own interests is hard to say.

“He sits at the helm of a tax-exempt nonprofit called the Society, which received donations last year tallying more than a quarter of a million dollars.

“But because the New Message is considered a religious organisation, it is not legally required to disclose its financials, so what information is available is based on its own calculations.

“Anyone who logs on to the New Message website, however, will be struck by the number of ways visitors are invited to join the worldwide community — by making a one-time gift, monthly “Pillar” donations or charitable bequests from your will (bitcoin also accepted).”

Reed Summers said: “We’re a 90 percent donation-driven organisation.

“Why you might see ‘donate’ everywhere is because we offer almost everything for free.”

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