From snack tactics to slowing down: The best tips to stop overeating

Snack tactics

Break any penchant for mindless munching by using your nondominant hand. Cinemagoers using their “other” hand when eating popcorn consumed less because they paid more attention to what they were doing.

Food hopping

“Hop” between foods and eat some rice, then salad, then chicken and so on. Eating consecutive mouthfuls of the same food can blunt appreciation of it and can lead to overeating.

Take a deep breath

“If we eat when stressed the central nervous system can lose its ability to regulate appetite,” says Claudia. “Taking deep breaths before we eat can put us into a more relaxed state, making us less likely to overeat.”

Try the four-seven-eight technique. Keeping the tongue behind the upper front teeth throughout, exhale through your mouth making a “whoosh” sound. Then inhale through the nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven, then exhale through the mouth, again with a “whoosh” for eight. Repeat the cycle three times before eating.

Get more zeds

Lack of sleep messes with the hunger hormones. People who have only four hours of sleep a night show decreases in leptin, the “obesity hormone” that tells you when you are full, and an increase in “hunger hormone” ghrelin.

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