A FAMILY claim they have suffered seven years of misery at the hands of a "possessed angelic-looking doll" since it was given to them as a gift.

Family’s horror as ‘possessed doll moves on its OWN and scratches children in the night’

The Peruvian family claim they are living a nightmare in their own house because of the doll they say is possessed and causing paranormal activities to occur.

The story of the Nunez family, who live in El Callao, Peru, has gone viral on social media after they featured in TV programme De Pelicula about their lives since the arrival of the blonde doll called Sarita.

They said that they usually see strange lights and hear weird noises in the house, and bizarre scratches appear on their children.

The doll was given to the family by the nephew of Ivonne, the mother of the family.

The blue-eyed doll has been dubbed the ‘Peruvian Anabelle’ by netizens and the family cannot explain how the doll apparently moves around the house on its own.

Ivonne and her three children claim that during the night they leave the doll in a corner of a room, but in the morning, she has moved to the table or sitting on the furniture.

And when pushed, the doll reportedly makes a sound as if she is praying.

They also said that she starts doing this sometimes without anyone touching her.

One of the children, named Steven, 18, said that he usually wakes up with bruises and scratches for unknown reasons.

He said: “Last week I woke up with scratches on my neck and on my back.”

Every night I feel as though somebody is looking at me from the corner of the room.

Angie Nunez

His sister, Angie, 20, claims she often hears strange noises in the middle of the night, like knocking on the door or the wardrobe three times, but there is no one there.

She said: “Every night I feel as though somebody is looking at me from the corner of the room.”

The family decided to ask a medium to investigate the case and contacted “angel expert” Soralla de los Angeles, who visited their house.

She cleaned the house and dozens of strange lights like circles allegedly appeared there.

Soralla also walked around the house during the ritual and claimed to have detected the presence of a mysterious woman in one of the rooms.

According to Ivonne, this woman must be her sister-in-law, who killed herself in that exact spot.

The angel expert also said that she felt an evil presence inside the doll that wants to hurt the family.

She did a cleansing ritual in order to protect the house and to make spirits leave and left seven candles in the living room.

However, the show did not explain why the family had not just got rid of the doll.

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