THE EU's chief Brexit negotiator fears Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron could cause divorce talks to collapse.

EU fears Brexit talks will FAIL over Angela Merkel’s demands for UK to pay £85 BILLION

The French and German leaders want to increase the UK’s exit bill to an eye-watering £85 billion, according to reports.

But EU negotiator Michel Barnier is worried the demands for a hefty Brexit bill could derail the upcoming talks.

New European Commission meeting minutes lay bare Mr Barnier’s anxiety about Britain refusing to pay up.

He said settling the UK’s outstanding financial commitments would be “one of the most difficult” issues in the negotiations.

The Frenchman admitted there is “growing support” among Britons for a “disorderly exit” from the EU without a trade deal.

And this possibility “would become real” if both sides cannot strike an agreement over the exit fee, the document adds.

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    The meeting took place in Brussels on May 3 but the minutes were only released by European Commission officials today.

    Mr Barnier also revealed negotiations, which will take place in four-week cycles, will not begin until mid-June.

    He hopes the UK’s “political climate” after next month’s snap election will be “more conducive” to reaching agreement.

    The simple truth is this is going to be a tough negotiation

    David Davis

    Brexit Secretary David Davis admitted earlier this month that finding an agreement over the exit bill would be “tough”.

    He said: “Our intention is to get an agreement, we have to maintain the alternative option. That’s why Theresa May said no deal is better than a bad deal.

    “This morning you see demands for €100bn in the papers. It has gone from €50bn, to €60bn to €100bn.

    “It rather actually proves her point. I know that is not where we will end up. The simple truth is this is going to be a tough negotiation.”

    And he hinted the Government would follow the example of Margaret Thatcher’s negotiations with European leaders.

    The Cabinet minister said: “When Mrs Thatcher walked away, she got the rebate. We have a €290bn market for them.

    “Once we are outside we will be their biggest external market. That’s incredibly important to them. We want a deal. We think we can get a deal.”

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