ebay 50p coin coins rare volleyball worth value

eBay: Rare 50p coin selling for £1,500 – do YOU have one of these coins in your change?

Ebay is a brilliant online location to source a rare coin of high value – with 50p and £2 coins among the most valuable.

Collectors will pay hundreds and even thousands for certain coin types on the buying and sell site.

But would you know if you came across a rare coin? One rare 50p coin is listed for £1,500

The 50p coin is listed by user mrs_ahmad, who has a 97.9 per cent positive feedback rating.

The listing is titled: “Extremely rare coin on ebay 50 Pence Coin – very rare coin Volleyball (2011).”

The rare Volleyball 50p coin is listed on eBay for £1,500

The description says there are “very few” of this coin type available on the eBay website.

It reads: “Extremely rare 50 pence coin 2011 50 Pence coin – Volleyball. Very very few on eBay.

“Its is in used condition. Three figures playing beach volleyball, with the London 2012 logo above and the denomination, “50 PENCE”, below.”

The Royal Mint website provides some more information about the origins of this particular coin.

The website explains that the reverse design of the coin was created by Daniela Boothman.

ebay 50p coin coins rare volleyball worth valueeBay/Getty

eBay: The 50p coin has a volleyball design on it

ebay 50p coin coins rare volleyball worth valueeBay

eBay: The 50p coin is listed for £1,500

It also says that the mintage of this coin is to be confirmed (TBC), so we do not know how many are in circulation.

Finally, it can be learned from the eBay website that the coin is one of a number of designs created for the London 2012 Olympics.

The Change Checker website gives the mintage figure of this coin to be 2,133,500.

The site also rates its scarcity index at 15 (common), suggesting it might not be as rare as the seller suggests.

Earlier this week, a rare £2 coin was listed for £500 on eBay.

ebay 50p coin coins rare volleyball worth valueGetty

eBay: You might have a rare coin hidden among your spare change

The coin commemorates the signing of the Magna Carta (meaning “The Great Charter”), an important event in British history.

It is listed by seller aliyah_goku, who is based in Harrow and has a 100 per cent positive feedback rating.

The listing is titled: “Rare £2 Coin Magna Carta 2015 Minting Error. Excellent Condition”

The description explains that the coin has a rare minting error which makes it more rare.

It reads: “A rare £2 coin based on the 1215 Magna Carta, It is in excellent condition and is still extremely shiny.

“The coin also has a minting error, from the Queen’s facing side of the coin the writing should be the right way up, however it is upside down. Open to offers!”

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