DIANE Abbott once described crisis-hit Venezuela as a better democracy than Britain.

Diane Abbott once described crisis-hit Venezuela as better democracy than UK

The revelation about the gaffe-prone shadow Home Secretary come as Labour’s leadership has continued to refuse to condemn the actions of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

His latest poll win was branded a “sham” by the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley amid accusations the governing socialists added “millions” of votes.

Yesterday, the Maduro regime began to round up opponents claiming “a terrorist attack” on a military base.

The so-called people’s assembly has already ousted chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz because she is a critic.

In a video in 2012, Ms Abbottis “less liable to fraud and impersonation than the British election process”.

When Maduro took power in 2013 she tweeted: “A better way is possible.”

[Venezuelan democracy is] less liable to fraud and impersonation

Diane Abbott

Since then the socialist regime, which has also been used as a role model by , has bankrupted the oil-rich country.

In the past five years the average weight per person has dropped by 19lbs food is so scarce.

Wages have also collapsed by 75 per cent and a third has been wiped off output.

Last week, Ken Livingstone, another close ally of Mr Corbyn, spoke out in support of the Maduro regime describing the crisis as “US propaganda”.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has issued guidance to police forces on how to catch election cheats.

It is feared many students voted twice for Labour in the General Election.

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